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• Heavy-duty tyre changer for wheels up to 58”
• The new multi-socket spindle, Bead-breaker disc inclination, 3 speed inverter motor and mobile console
• Work tools always perpendicular to the wheel during all operations
• Newly designed base without a runway making it easier to access the work area


Tool holder arm Bead-breaker disc “patented”, hydraulically operated manual 2 position axial stroke 1120 mm, axial shift speed 100 mm/s axial work speed
Bead-breaker breaking force 30,000 N maximum external axial bead breaking force, 25,000 N rotation automatic Hydraulic spindle holder carriage 670 mm,  axial work speed 70 mm/s
Spindle clamping system hydraulic
Turntable rotation motor speed 3 speeds (1 - 3.5 -7.8 RPM) maximum rotations torque 5,500 Nm
Clamping capacity from 14” to 58” with 9 clamping positions. Maximum clamping force 40,000
Maximum tyre diameter 2,500 mm,  maximum tyre width 1,600 mm, maximum wheel weight  liftable 2,500 kg while working 1,700 kg
Electric motor 3.3 - 4 kW adjustable hydraulic pressure between 80 and 180 Bar. Oil tank 15 lt
Power supply 3ph 380 V - 5 kW, Noise level in operation  63db (A)
Control module cable, remote radio kit available as optional
Weight 1,300 kg

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