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1.  THE LASER POINTER helps to position the counterweights more quickly and more precisely. Inside wheel LIGHT makes it easier to take measurements, apply counterweights and clean and check that the rim is not damaged.*
2.  SPIN UNIT. Reduced cycle time and high performance guarantee high work loads. Automatic balancing and electronic clamping brake positioning.
 Sized to work with high offset wheels without the need for spacers
3.  Electronic acquisition of diameter and distance, positioning of adhesive weights at 3-6-12 o’clock, settable by the user.
4.   The wheel balancer PROGRAMME is intuitive and information is clear and immediately available.
5.  WEIGHT TRAY. Appealing design and shapes designed to allow maximum access to inside the wheel. The numerous weight-holder trays, compartments for cones
 and accessories and the adjustable monitor guarantee maximum work ergonomics.
5.  STORAGE FOR ACCESSORIES. The side accessory compartment has been designed to store universal flanges, cones and bushes. The work area is kept tidy and accessories can be easily accessed and do not get damaged.
6. QUICK CALIBRATION, intuitive sensitivity. The sample weight which is included is applied directly to the spin unit.
7.   EXTERNAL SENSOR for automatic acquisition of wheel diameter (optional).
8.  BALANCING PROCEDURES, Dynamic balancing on both sides of the rim,7 ALU programs, Motorcycle dynamic/ALU, Static, OPT flash, Hidden Weight in ALU P


Balancing speed 90 / 130 rpm
Resolution 1 gram
Cycle time 3 / 19 s
Shaft diameter 40 mm
Rim width setting range 1,5” ÷ 20”
Rim diameter setting range  1” ÷ 35”
Rim diameter measurable with the sensor 11” ÷ 28”
Maximum wheel width (with guard) 23,5”
Maximum wheel diameter (with guard) 44”
Maximum wheel/machine distance 275 mm
Maximum wheel weight 75 kg
Supply voltage 200-230 / 1ph 50/60 Hz
Maximum dimensions l x d x h 1605 x 1165 x 1650 mm

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