Wheelquip is the leading supplier of many international brands

Wheelquip is the leading supplier of many international brands and boasts the sole agency for Southern Africa of imported automotive equipment from Italy, namely Corghi Spa. We provide a range of quality Garage Equipment and Tyre Related Accessories. Wheelquip’s success is based on concrete, reliable and mutually productive understanding between customer and company.

  • This position of strength is the end result of company know-how based on three key factors:
    understanding market needs
  • working with the customer on a continuous basis
  • identifyng highly professional solutions.

For more than twenty-seven years this work philosophy has been geared toward attaining the greatest customer satisfaction

20 Year

Service Excellence Award

from Corghi Spa. We are the sole importer in the Southern African region.

ABOUT WheelQuip

Est 1984

Wheelquip was established in 1984 as a distributor of wheel service equipment, tyre and tube repair material, tyre valves and tyre tools. Initially known as Tyre Maintenance Suppliers, management saw the need for supplying the tyre industry with the most technically advanced equipment, consumables and tools and providing the industry with service excellence.

Wheelquip delivers a full service starting with the layout of new tyre shops, the installation of air piping, the correct equipment for the application as well as training of all staff on the use of the equipment. A training school is held monthly where wheel alignment technicians are trained from a basic to advanced level, in the theory as well as practical aspect of alignment.

Wheelquip distributes countrywide as well as across the borders of South Africa into Angola, Botswana and Mozambique. We have offices in the capital city of Namibia, namely Windhoek, which distributes equipment and consumables throughout the vast Namibia. Gauteng Province, KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape have committed agents who distribute and service the industry in these areas. A dedicated team of skilled representatives and technicians ensure that excellent service is delivered to clients.

Wheelquip’s Managing Director, Nic Kruger and Financial Director, Erika Stroebel share the same vision for the company… the right products at the right price coupled with service excellence.


Est 1954

Wheelquip is the supplier of many international brands and boasts the sole agency for Southern Africa of imported automotive equipment from Italy, namely Corghi spa. Corghi recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. Wheelquip was awarded a 20-year service excellence award from Corghi spa.

In 1947, the brothers Erminio and Remo Corghi began to reap the rewards of their business skills and ingenuity, building radios and inventing a special bird-hunting trap with tape recorder.

Six years later, in 1954, Corghi electromechanics was born. The trademark with the nightingale, which from that moment on became the symbol of the company, began to earn well-deserved admiration.

The company developed its mechanical abilities over a wide sector: TV voltage stabilisers, agricultural machinery, mechano-textile equipment and even household appliances.

The automobile boom exploded in 1960 and the Corghi brothers were ready. They invented and patented the world’s first tyre changer which was the best way of attacking the market. The company took off and never stopped soaring.

WheelQuip is the sole importer of Corghi wheel service equipment.

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